Absolutely, thought about having a unique park in the best way in such a modern project for those who is living and felling more enjoyable in it. We have also thought about the children as they are your dears and they are important to us. The sound of water always reflecting in our garden project, you don't feel tired while you're sitting on your chair and you see your children are very happy. Your car is worthy and we have thought on parking it nearby you. That is why, provided a big opened parking to protect your car. When you're walking and returning home, hold your dear's hand, the pedestrian should be convenient and safe. The streets are suitable.

life style



In the Zaiton plus city project, full electric has been provided, you can use by card whenever you want



The Zaiton plus project has not forgot Market because it is important helps you buy your needs, so the Zaiton plus project didn't forget it.